Branded Media


Branded Media Production is an intensive production course offered to students studying film production at Portland State University. 

Students work in small production units to produce professional quality, short form branded media videos for real clients. 

During the term, students meet with clients to determine their needs as they relate to the communication of the organization’s brand to a target audience.  Students then prepare and deliver a formal pitch presentation to the clients—feedback from which is integrated into the final concepts for the projects.  Students manage all aspects of production—from ideation to delivery.

In Fall 2016, the Branded Media Production class produced 7 tourism spots for their campaign "Portland:  You are Here", which was included in the Hollywood Theatre PDX microcinema's inaugural program.  They worked with Looptworks, a sustainable apparel company that "upcycles" discarded goods into high quality products, to create 3 brand story videos.

Above and at right:  Students on production, pitching to Looptworks' CEO and marketing manager, participating in a Q&A after a screening  at the Hollywood Theatre.



1 Branded Media Production Syllabus.pdf
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2 Skills and Interests Survey.pdf
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3 Crew Duties.pdf
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4 Project 1 Specs Tourism Spots.pdf
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5 Project 2 Specs Brand Stories.pdf
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6 Branded Media Peer and Self Evaluation.pdf
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UFVA Presentation Slide Show


"At the start, we were asked to rate our skills and interest in certain areas (like sound, cinematography, editing, etc.) and then were placed into production groups based on our skills. We had to model how we worked after a professional film set, making us more efficient and accountable.

After getting into groups, we had to put together a pitch to present to the Marketing Director of Looptworks, the company we were making branded content for. Courtney guided us through how to think about branding and consumer engagement, and then we brainstormed how best to share Looptworks brand and foster community engagement.  We worked for weeks on our script, making sure that every word we wrote and every location we selected reflected the values of Looptworks. 

What I liked about Branded Media was the professional standard to which Courtney and Looptworks held us — it challenged me to push myself and produce as high quality work as I possibly could." 
                                                                                                                     --Julie L. (Fall 2016 Branded Media Student)


Looptworks (Brand Story Videos)

Portland:  You are Here (Tourism Spots)