Sports Trilogy
Granite Janet (2000) chronicles female boxer "Granite" Janet LaRue's obsession with boxing and her attempt to redeem her past transgressions through prize fighting.

Nominated for the International Documentary Association's David L. Wolper Award.
As a season of basketball unfolds, a coach and her middle school girls' team struggle to keep it all together. Dealing with issues ranging from developing a good work ethic to the death of one player's mother, Coaching the Sharks (2001) depicts a group of young girls who simply want to be part of a team, have fun with their friends and try the patience of their coach.
Bang! From a mere 41 feet away, a 60 mile-an-hour fastball slams into the catcher's mitt. The Field General (2002) reveals the world of two hard-working catchers of the Women's Professional Softball League, who play not for any hope of financial gain or recognition, but because the game and the position is who they are.